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Learn how to identify expenses, track spending, and deploy cost-cutting measures with an accounting degree, one of the most popular degrees today. Several of the programs below can be completed in just two years, while others deliver a more in-depth look into accounting. Contact some of the top online accounting schools by following the provided links.

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Kaplan University MS – Accounting BS – Accounting BS – Account Auditing BS – Tax Accounting BS – Non-Profit Accounting BS – Managerial Accountancy Kaplan University – Kaplan University, a world-renowned provider in quality online education, offers many convenient and modern accounting degrees. Their accredited MS in Accounting, BS in Accounting, BS in Account Auditing, BS in Tax Accounting, BS in Non-profit Accounting, and BS in Managerial Accounting degree programs are affordable and can help you quickly advance your career in accounting.
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DeVry University BBA – Accounting AA – Accounting DeVry University – DeVry University, a leading online educational institution, offers various Accounting degrees online, such as BBA in Accounting and AA in Accounting. Their affordable degree programs provide you with the skills you need to succeed in the fast growing field of Accounting.
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Colorado Technical University MBA – Accounting BS – Accounting AS – Accounting Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University is industry-driven online university that provides practical and affordable degrees. Their MBA in Accounting, BS in Accounting, and AS in Accounting degree programs provide the skills necessary to succeed in the fast-growing field of accounting.
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Liberty University MBA – Accounting MS – Accounting BS – Accounting AA – Accounting Liberty University – Liberty University offers extensive online education in some of today’s most expanding fields. Their affordable MBA in Accounting, MS in Accounting, BS in Accounting, and AA in Accounting degree programs give you the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed in the lucrative career of accounting.
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American Intercontinental University MBA – Accounting MBA Accounting/Finance (PT) BBA – Accounting & Finance American Intercontinental University – American Intercontinental University’s accredited online degree plans offer the latest in Accounting degrees. Their MBA in Accounting, MBA in Accounting and Finance, and their BBA in Accounting and Finance degree programs offer convenient schedules that allow you to complete the degree at your own pace.
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Ashford University BA in Accounting BA in Finance BA in Consumer and Family Financial Services Master of Accountancy Ashford University – Ashford University’s inexpensive online programs offer the latest in Accounting degree plans. Their BA in Accounting, BA in Business Admin Accounting, BA in Finance, and BA in Org Mgmt Accounting, BA in Consumer and Family Financial Services programs are fast-paced, so you can quickly earn your degree and achieve your goals. Ashford University is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001,
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Walden University PhD Mgmt – Accounting MS – Accounting Management MS – Accounting BS – Accounting BS – Business Accounting Walden University – Walden University is a respected online university that offers various degrees in accounting. Their BS in Business Admin Accounting, BS in Accounting, MS in Accounting, MS in Accounting Management, and PhD in Accounting Management degrees offer convenient schedules that allow you to quickly achieve your goals.
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What else is an online accounting degree / program called?

An online accounting degree is offered by various accredited universities and colleges specializing in distance learning. Some schools refer to this as a Bachelors of Science with an emphasis on accounting that prepares students to take on a career in the industry. This degree may also be called an accounting online degree by certain schools, as the terms are interchangeable and ultimately mean the same type of degree.

There are also various other degrees that fall under the umbrella of “online accounting degree.” Outside of a bachelor’s degree, these include an associate degree, a master’s degree. Earning an online accounting degree online is possible, but you must be careful about choosing your school. While there are several legitimate schools offering this degree, there are also schools that masquerade as collegiate institutions but offer no accreditation. Only a degree from an accredited university or college will be of any use as you seek a career in accounting.

What sorts of skills might a student expect to learn when obtaining an online accounting degree?

When obtaining an online accounting degree, students learn about the analysis of cash flow, as well as cash flow itself. Students gain an understanding of business and accounting and improve their analytical skills. Depending on the program, students will learn of U.S. and international issues with accounting and also focus on business ethics. Courses will also prep you for the CPA.

What sort of career is common for someone with an online accounting degree?

Any of these degrees should adequately prepare you for taking the CPA exam, but requirements to sign up and take the test vary by state. Check with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy for the requirements in your area. There is a “testing window” following your online accounting degree in which students can take the CPA exam in their state. Students will receive a notice approving them to take the CPA exam and must follow through with this within nine months.

Courses for a proper online accounting degree will prep you to take this test, though it is not required. CPAs have large earning potential as they can work for themselves and take on a roster of individual clients or work with large corporations. Many companies have CPAs on their payroll, while others are outsourcing the task to freelance accountants.

Other careers that are common for someone with an online accounting degree include bookkeepers, income tax preparers and payroll processors. In these cases, the job title is as such since the only true accountants are those who have been certified by NASBA or an international organization of the same caliber. Many non-profit agencies and charities also employ those with online accounting degrees to handle finances in the same way one would do for a business.

What types of classes are involved in the online accounting degree?

Some basic courses taken at other universities or colleges may transfer towards your online accounting degree. This will have to be discussed with your advisor. Once you are enrolled in courses, you will take classes such as auditing, taxation, and cost accounting. Some programs may require you to take litigation. Students will also take general and specialized courses in finance and managerial accounting.

For a MBA in accounting with a focus on accounting, students will learn further about subjects covered in undergrad school. These include taxation concepts, tax research and accounting information systems.

What are the average salaries for a someone working with an online accounting degree?

The world of accounting is growing fast. New accountants typically begin earning $44,000 per year and those with experience can make $80,000. The average salary for a bookkeeper is $37,000. The size of company a bookkeeper is working for can also come into play. For tax preparers, the median income is $40,000 after a few years of experience and can reach to $60,000 after acquiring clients that use their services regularly.

What are the degree requirements for online accounting?

Incoming students will need a high school diploma or GED before beginning a degree for online accounting. Most online accounting degrees require about 150 hours of course work, the majority being divided between business and accounting classes. While distance learning allows you to work at your own pace, a legitimate online accounting degree will still take at least a year to complete. This is if you are making obtaining your online accounting degree your full time job.

Most students finish in 2-3 years for an online accounting degree. Thought an online accounting degree is obtained through distance learning, there are usually labs and sometimes class participation via online forums. For advanced online degrees in accounting such as MBA, 36-40 hours of classes are typically required.

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