Who created OnlineAccountingDegree.com

Created in May 2010, OnlineAccountingDegree.com is the product of two accountants who both have sons of the same age who were going through the college application process at the same time and wanted to major in accounting (despite their fathers’ attempts to dissuade them).

Why create OnlineAccountingDegree.com

After commiserating over the endless piles of promotional mail which filled their homes that fall, and realizing that much of the material depicted an accounting career and education in a misleading light, set about to set the record straight through the creation of this website. With a little help from a son’s friend who is a web developer we are now off to the races.

Although certainly still a work in progress, we aim to create the most comprehensive resource for prospective accounting students to find unbiased and honest information about obtaining a college education in accounting and pursuing a career in accounting.

Comments and Questions

So far, we’ve received a number of emails either of support or with suggestions about things we should add to the website as we continue to build it out. If you have any thoughts we welcome you to email us at: info<>onlineaccountingdegree.com

Thank you.