Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities With an Accounting Degree

If you love the idea of being responsible for monetary spending, as well as reducing costs and keeping a company running, being an accountant may be for you. However, you will need an accounting degree in order to register as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) If you can’t afford the college tuition or other education costs, there are plenty of financial aid types to help.



The accounting major has several different types of scholarships depending on who you are and where you live. For example, the National Society of Accountants gives out 30 scholarships a year, depending on need and abilities; to apply, you will need high grades and be able to state why you deserve the scholarship. For women who wish to be accountants, The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting also supplies a limited amount of scholarships as well. Most colleges also offer scholarships for top students.

Grants for Accounting Stuents

Aside from scholarships, some colleges and states give out grants to those in need. Some private colleges may even offer you tuition free-of-charge if you have a high GPA but a low-income. Never be afraid to ask. Like with certain scholarships, minorities can often get grants to help them go to college in a major grossly impacted by one type of group. You can also get the federal Pell Grant as an undergraduate student if your family financially qualifies.

Other Forms of Financial Aid

Don’t forget to consider more traditional areas of financial aid, such as loans or work-study. If you can find an accounting firm that agrees to take you on as an office assistant or manager, you can earn money as well as go to college. Loans, while requiring payback, are also a good option if you don’t meet minimum income requirements but still need money.

In all cases, you should always check with your college’s financial aid department for more information. Your financial aid advisor can give you information on any way you can reduce your overall fees. Are you still in high school? You can also find financial aid by talking to your school’s guidance counselor, who can tell you about local scholarships and grants available to accounting students. 

Sponsored Degrees for Accounting and Finance

Colorado State University BS – Accounting Colorado State University – Colorado State University, a world-renowned provider in quality higher education, offers many convenient and modern accounting degrees. Their accredited BS in Accounting degree program is affordable and can help you quickly advance your career in accounting.
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Keiser University Associates in Accounting Bachelors in Accounting Keiser University – Keiser University is a world renowned institution that offers many accredited online degrees in accounting, ranging from Associates to Bachelors. Their flexible schedules allow you to complete your degree on your own time.
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Walden University MBA in Accounting Doctorate in Accounting Walden University – Walden University is a respected online university that offers various degrees in accounting. Their MBA in Business Admin Accounting and Doctorate in Accounting degrees offer convenient schedules that allow you to quickly achieve your goals.
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