Top 100 Accounting Advice Blogs

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It doesn’t have to be tax time to need an accountant. Balancing budgets, filling out forms, and much more can be overwhelming if you haven’t spent six years in school studying accounting or have a CPA license. Before you open your wallet and hire one, why not take a look at a blog? Below, we have gathered the top 100 accounting advice blogs with loads of answers to both common and uncommon questions.

Top Accounting Advice Blogs by a Site

  1. Accounting Tomorrow : Get tools and resources and for the tax and accounting professional, including a blog here. They offer several channels on financial recovery, auditing, tax, technology, and more. The Editor’s Picks has the best of the blog.
  2. Accounting WEB : This site and blog have resources for both those readers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Check out the newest entry, or look up information on topics from auditing to watchdog.
  3. Accounting Observer : Get an accounting advice blog especially for the public here. You can also get information on investment services, news, and more.
  4. Audit Trail : This is the official blog of Approva. Categories include news, accounting, and much more.
  5. BNA Accounting : Stop here for essential information and expert analysis. Recent entries are on controversies and fair value.
  6. Legislative Insider : The Maryland Association of CPA’s hosts this blog. Its purpose is to keep an eye on legislation that affects all aspects of accounting.
  7. Beancounter Ramblings : Stop here for a CPA blog by the experts at Bordeaux and Bordeaux. There are options for individuals, businesses, and much more.
  8. The ADD Accountant : This independent accountant shares his thoughts on various aspects of accounting. They include business, current affairs, growth, sports, and tech.

Top Accounting Tax Advice Blogs

  1. Don’t Mess With Taxes : Journalist Kay Bell is from Texas and helps make your taxes “less taxing.” In addition to loads of current blog entries, she includes tips, state departments, year-end moves, eye on the IRS, and more. A recent entry even took a literally graphic look at where taxes go.
  2. Tax Prof Blog : A tax professor and professional legal blogger weighs in on the subject of taxes. Paul Caron teaches at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and offers more on his blog.
  3. Tax Girl : Get the complex language of taxes in a simple manner here. She discusses tax policy, law, actual cases, and much more in an upfront way.
  4. William Perez : He is your professional tax planning guide on Sections include tax planning, lowering taxes, and filing tips.
  5. The Tax Policy Blog : This is the official weblog of the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization that has monitored tax policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. In addition to regular blog posts, they also offer expert podcasts.
  6. A Taxing Matter : Laws, extensions, and bills are just some of the matters discussed on this tax accounting blog. Categories include everything from administrative guidance to ways & means.
  7. Tax Vox : Stop here to get the official tax policy blog from the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution. You can choose from subjects such as topics, numbers, facts, a library, and much more.
  8. Tax Watch : Thomson Reuters is a leading site for accountants and they also have a blog. It offers the latest news and developments in taxes.
  9. Tax Rascal : If looking for the lighter side of taxes, stop here. Recent taxes on cigarettes, soda, and others are looked at in a humorous manner.

Top Accounting CPA Advice Blogs

  1. CPA Trendlines : Rick Telberg is president and chief executive of Bay Street Group LLC. He and others give loads of advice for and by accountants.
  2. Rita Keller : She is President of Keller Advisors, an award-winning voice to CPA firm management. Her blog is full of practical ideas and lessons learned.
  3. Golden Practices : Michelle Golden is president of a company of the same name. Her firm specializes in accounting, law, wealth management, and consulting.
  4. Skeptical CPA : This independent accountant is from Texas and earned a MBA from the University of Chicago. The blog stands out for highlighting failures as well as successes.
  5. CPA Success : This is a blog run by the Maryland Association of CPAs that tells their stories. Find out what makes CPAs leaders in the business world.
  6. Another 71 : This accounting advice blog is ideal for those studying to become CPA’s. Get coupons, reviews, advice, and a community for people just like you.
  7. CPA Exam Preparation : This blogger reviews becoming a CPA for students. Advice includes tip of the day, courses, preparation, and license requirements.
  8. Debits & Credits< : Web CPA is the host of this accounting advice blog. Topics often include recent events.
  9. Confessions of a CPA : Monica is a Gen X/Y CPA who blogs her observations in accounting. Categories range on everything from accountability to working remotely.
  10. Periodic Ramblings of a CPA : Chad is from South Carolina where he works with small businesses and accounting. He hasn’t blogged in a while but still has relevant entries.
  11. CPA Net : If you haven’t had your fill of accounting advice blogs from CPA’s, visit here. Several bloggers discuss accounting, disciplines, and more.

Top Accounting Advice Blogs by Accountants

  1. re: The Auditors : Francis McKenna has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms, Her blog is full of accounting advice for all and has loads of resources.
  2. Accman : He has 30 years of experience in the professional world as is “never knowingly under opinionated.” In addition to accounting, there is also information on technology and finance.
  3. The Anonymous Accountant : Stop here for the blog of an anonymous “Big 4″ auditor. On hiatus for summer, many personal rants are featured.
  4. Ric Payne’s Blog : The self-styled “lazy accountant” earns the title for going a while between entries. However, he does get points for originality and humor.
  5. Look at Last Year’s File : Visit here for the blog of an aspiring accountant. LYF writes about what life as an accountant is really like.
  6. Life of an Auditor : Another blogger talks about what it’s like to be an auditor for the Big 4. A current entry was on how budgets are like “Pulp Fiction.”
  7. BSPJ Footnotes : Barry and other accountants work for an accounting firm in Atlanta and have loads to share. Topics include tax, accounting, audit, and other advisory services.

Top Specialty Accounting Advice Blogs

  1. Diving Into Details : Dustin is an accountant and technology professional in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit his blog for expert advice on both tech and accounting.
  2. April 16 : This blogger focuses on his favorite day of the year when he can kick back, relax, and enjoy his birthday. Accounting tips and more are also shared.
  3. Jr. Deputy in Canada : Stop here for the blog of an accountant from Canada. Politics and obscene language can also be found here.
  4. Book Mark Lee : In addition to accounting, Mark is also a speaker and writer. His blog has help for taxes and speaking.
  5. Ungar Cover : Joel specializes in accounting for businesses. He also focuses on auditing, reporting, SEC requirements, and how to deal with other accountants.
  6. Thrive Al : This is a blogging ministry and extension of the consulting firm Blumer & Associates, CPAs. Popular posts include firing clients and being commoditized.
  7. The Tech Gap : Get insights and ideas about accounting and technology from a leader in the online tax community. GLL also posts his travels across the country.
  8. Scott Gregory : Every accountant knows that QuickBooks is a staple of their business. Stop here to get a blog from an expert in it without the “accountant speak.”
  9. QuickBooks and Your Business : Get a more basic blog on the software by stopping here. Entries include keys to QuickBooks success and making a great password.

Top Accounting Advice State Association Blogs

  1. TSCPA : This blog is run by the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. Recent posts are on lobbyists and budgeting.
  2. CPA Cafe : Stop here for the official blog from the Virginia Society of Public Accountants. Ideas brew on the blog, newsfeed, and Twitter stream.
  3. New York Society of CPA’s : Get information for future CPA’s and other looking for accounting advice here. The main site also has many other resources.
  4. Ask a CPA : Visit here to get all of your accounting advice questions answered from the California Society of CPA’s. Sift through the archives or send in your own questions.
  5. FICPA : The Florida Institute of CPA’s has resources for both future and present CPA’s, as well as the public. Choose from the latest stories or have a look at their Financial Fitness Friday’s.
  6. Exam Cram : Gain both insight and amusement from the New Jersey Society of CPA’s. It is mostly useful for those who are professional accountants.
  7. Keeping Balance : This is the blog for the South Carolina Association of CPA’s. President Eddie Brown blogs on all the goings-on in the area.
  8. Missouri Society of CPA’s : The MSCPA has great information for those who visit. New advances in tax laws and more are featured.
  9. Practice Advantage : Get the official newsletter from the Illinois CPA Society here. They also have online communities for accountants, CPA’s, students, and the public.
  10. Ohio Society of CPA’s : Various users from the OSCPA come here to blog. They also have resources for exams and tech users.
  11. ASCPA : At first look, it doesn’t seem like the blog for the Alabama Society of CPA’s. However, they offer a conference room, water cooler, and happy hour sections for accounting.

Top Accounting Association Advice Blogs

  1. SEC : This is one of the most important organizations for accountants and other business people. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has loads of news, information, and more.
  2. AICPA : The American Institute of CPA’s has six different accounting advice newsletters to choose from. Popular articles are currently on high performing firms and the new healthcare act.
  3. IFRS : That stands for International Financial Reporting Standard, which is an important part of accounting. Learn more by visiting this blog.
  4. FASB : The Financial Accounting Standards Board has activities, projects, and even advisory groups. You can also get webcasts and information on investments.
  5. IASB : Stop here for the official site of the International Accounting Standards Board. News is updated on a regular basis and you can get quick links for meetings and podcasts.
  6. PCAOB : The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board was created to oversee auditors of public companies to protect the interests of investors. The site is full of news releases, speeches, webcasts, and more.
  7. NSA : Click here for the National Society of Accountants. Get help for taxes, find state affiliates, and much more.
  8. ASWA : If you are a female accountant, check out the American Society of Women Accountants. They have chapters across the nation and resources for CPA’s and the public alike.
  9. American Accounting Association : Accounting practices, education, and research are featured here. You can even submit your own work for publication.

Top Accounting News Blogs

  1. Smart Pros : Scroll down to see links to the latest accounting news. You can also choose insights, careers, and ethics.
  2. The Accounting Onion : Not to be confused with that other site, this blog contains serious accounting news. Categories include concepts, credit ratings, foreign operations, and many others.
  3. Deloitte : Get news straight from one of the Big 4 by visiting here. Choose from most popular, advice, and much more.
  4. Accountancy Age : This website was named digital publisher of the year in 2010. You can choose from the latest news, practices, technology, and much more. Be sure not to miss Accountancy Age TV with much more.
  5. Finance Week : Everyone in business, including accountants, can find up to date information by visiting here. Sections include strategy, management, risks, and the career ladder.
  6. CFO Accounting : The Chief Financial Officer Blog has loads of news, including a special section for accountants. Most viewed posts include health costs and hedging wisdom.
  7. The Big Four Blog : This accounting blog follows the latest happenings on the Big 4 firms. A recent entry was on how they may need to adapt for European uncertainty.
  8. Topix : This site searches the web for the latest news. Accountants can visit here to get the latest, join in a discussion, and even get local resources.
  9. Big News Network : Another site gathers the newest in accounting headlines. You can also choose from many other subjects.

Top Accounting School Advice Blogs

  1. A Counting School : Get “hardcore” accountancy by stopping here. Recent posts are on saving money, results, and finishing school.
  2. I Want to be a CA : Emi Evil posts about becoming an accountant. The latest entries are on loving your job and aptitude or attitude.
  3. Accounting Elf : Get a look at the CPA exam and recruiting process here. The blogger also includes actual CPA sections and scores.
  4. See Ehh : Follow the blogger as he looks to take over the world pursuing a CA designation. Popular thoughts are on too much information and requests for job seekers.
  5. Narrowing the GAAP : This blog is your ultimate guide to getting hired by the Big 4 and thriving in it. A highlight is that AG actually links to the Big 4 and gives opinions on getting hired, interviewing, and more.
  6. The Cooking Accountant : The CA is trying to pass the CPA exam while learning loads of new recipes. Get blog entries on both with a visit.
  7. Frugal CPA : Learn how to get through accounting school while saving some money here. Although there hasn’t been a new entry in a while, it is still worth a look.
  8. Jenny : Jenny has already made the journey from studying to working. See how by reading her blog.
  9. Stuff Accountants Like : Take a break from all of your studies and visit here. It is a humorous look at the world of accounting.

Top Tax Accounting Advice Sites

  1. IRS : The official website of the Internal Revenue Service is full of free tools and help for those inside and outside of accounting. Get answers to questions for businesses, charities, and individuals. You can also download tons of official forms with a single click.
  2. Stateline : Learn accounting and tax laws in your state by visiting this site. News, commentary, publications, and much more are available.
  3. Tax Planning : Even if you’ve never heard of it, tax planning is an important part of every taxpayer’s life. William Perez is your expert accounting advice guide from and dishes on topics such as tax credits, scams, and much more.
  4. Uncle Fed : Get a complete online resource for tax relief on this site. You can get forms, bulletins, legal information, and loads of other resources.
  5. Free Tax Info : This tax accounting advice is brought to you by the law offices of Frederick W. Daily. Some of the many choices include filing returns, winning audits, and going to court.
  6. The Tax Foundation : See taxes how the experts see them with the help of this site. Current programs include Compete USA and a Cap and Trade calculator.
  7. Tax Act : Stop here for a free tax solution for everyone. The tax software is available for individuals or businesses and has loads of help and advice for all.
  8. H & R Block : Whether looking for professional accounting advice or a do it yourself approach, this firm’s website can help. Select from a number of free tools such as preparation and calculators.
  9. Tax Freedom Day : This is the day when the average American has worked off enough to pay off all of his or her taxes and is technically working for him or herself. If waiting all the way until April 13 seems to long, visit here to get a virtual clock and more.

Top Accounting Advice Podcasts

  1. Dbriefs : These webcasts are brought to you by the experts at Deloitte. The live webcasts give you valuable insights on important developments affecting your business.
  2. Thought Center : Get business accounting webcasts and podcasts filled with insights from Ernst & Young. They also have entries specifically for group viewing and loads more on the main site.
  3. 10 Minutes : These entries from Price Waterhouse Coopers are intended to take as long as the title promises. Check out the most recent or choose from loads of topics.
  4. Accounting Tools Podcast : Over one hundred episodes are contained here to give you the best in accounting advice. Latest episodes are on multiple deliverable arrangements and the PCAOB office.
  5. Best Accounting Practices : Join Jack Boyer, a CPA, in this accounting podcast. It features advice, insight, experience, and how-to’s.
  6. Audio Digest : Choose from podcasts on tax laws that are federal, local, and international. You can also find other podcasts on pricing and HR.
  7. CPA Spotlight : This podcast is hosted by the Maryland Association of CPA’s. It takes a weekly look at the issues that impact Maryland CPAs, their clients and their businesses.
  8. Tax Quips : Get accounting advice podcasts for those doing their taxes here. A highlight is that episodes can be downloaded, listened to live, or read at your leisure.
  9. The Tax Foundation : This is the official podcast of the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization that has monitored tax policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. In addition to the regular episodes, you can also send in your questions and get other resources.

Whether studying to become an accountant, running a business, or just doing your taxes, you can find loads of expert information on the above top 100 accounting advice blogs. Many of them offer the option to send in an accounting question, so be sure to take advantage if you need more help.